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Motor Vehicle Accidents: How Are Medical and Wage Loss Benefits Paid by the Health and Welfare Fund?

The Fund Office receives many questions regarding coverage provided by the Fund when the claim is the result of an injury due to a motor vehicle accident. In accordance with Plan provisions, the Fund will only cover medical expenses on a subrogated basis once the maximum liability has been paid by the motor vehicle insurance carrier. In other words, the Fund will consider the payment of medical expenses only after benefits from the automobile insurance carrier have been exhausted.

The subrogation rules above also apply if you are injured while repairing your car or by any other contact with your car.

In addition, the Fund will not provide coverage for short-term disability benefits (except for the first 5 days of missed work) for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The only time the Fund will pay more than 5 days of short-term disability benefits is when written proof is submitted verifying that the state in which you reside does not allow you to purchase wage loss protection from your motor vehicle insurance carrier. The state of Pennsylvania allows residents to purchase wage loss protection. It is recommended that you contact your motor vehicle insurance carrier to evaluate the extent to which you are covered for wage loss benefits resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Check with your motor vehicle insurance carrier to ensure that your policy carries at least the minimum coverage required by the state in which you reside.

Do not wait until you have an accident to find out you have no wage loss coverage under your policy. Payment for the first 5 days of short-term disability benefits does not apply to motorcycle accidents. There are no short-term disability benefits payable for injuries sustained as a result of a motorcycle accident. 

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