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If you are unable to access any provider links on this page, please call the Health and Welfare Fund for assistance in locating a network provider.

Health Provider

Please note: Effective January 1, 2017, the Health and Welfare Fund's Medical Mental Health/Substance Abuse and network provider changed to Meritain Health, an Aetna company. There will be minimal disruption in providers from the former HealthAmerica/Aetna and MHNet networks. Participants received new ID cards in early December.

Please remember to use your new Health and Welfare ID cards

The Fund mailed new ID cards to participants in December (prior to the network changeover from HealthAmerica to Aetna). Please discard your old ID cards and be sure to show your medical providers your new ID card when seeking treatment.

To locate a physician or facility for treatment participating with Meritain:

Please call Meritain Health at 1-800-343-3140 for help finding an in-network provider. Providers should also contact Meritain Health at the same phone number if they have a dispute regarding the contracted fee. Members’ questions about benefits and providers questions about claims status should continue to be directed to the Health and Welfare Fund.

To access the Aetna network, click here.  Choose Aetna Choice POS ll (open Access) under Select a Plan.

Disclaimer:  Please note that this web link is to be used for the sole purpose of locating covered providers in the Aetna Network.  Any other information set forth on this web page pertaining to benefits does NOT apply to the participants of the Central PA Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund. All questions pertaining to Fund benefits should be directed to the Fund Office.

For information on Centers of Excellence for Transplants-Institute of Excellence Transplant Facilities-on the DocFind page, click on Directories and Resources.   

Dental Provider

Delta Dental Insurance Home

Please note: Delta Dental is the ONLY dental network participating with Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund. DeCare Dental Insurance, a dental program sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, does not participate with Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund. Services performed by non-network providers, including providers participating with the DeCare network, will be paid as out-of-network and the member will be responsible for all non-covered services and balances. DeCare Dental Insurance is currently recruiting dental providers nationwide. Some of these dental providers have been contacting Teamsters members regarding the DeCare network. Do not be misled into thinking that services provided by DeCare dentists will be paid in-network by the Fund. Call the Health and Welfare Fund if you have any questions.

Vision Provider

Prescription Provider

Global Pharmaceutical Benefits (formally GPP)

Pennsylvania Pharmacy Listing

Effective 7/1/2018 Walmart is now an eligible network pharmacy covered by Global Prescription Benefits.

To locate a pharmacy in your area please contact Global Prescription Benefits at 1-800-341-2234
Please note: effective 12/17/15, Target is no longer a participating pharmacy provider.

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