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Are You Recently Married, Divorced or Widowed?

Please notify both the Health and Welfare Fund and your employer of any changes in your marital status (married, divorced or widowed) so that the change can be reflected on the Health and Welfare billing statement for proper reporting of dependent coverage.

Please note: the Fund does not consider your ex-spouse to be an eligible dependent under the Health and Welfare Plan after the effective date of your divorce. Members are required to reimburse the Fund for any claims paid on behalf of an ex-spouse after the date a divorce becomes final, based on the divorce decree.

If you become divorced, please forward copies of your divorce decree to both the Health and Welfare and Pension Departments.

Don’t forget to review your beneficiary designation following a change in your marital status. It is not necessary to change your beneficiary for Health and Welfare death benefits after marriage or divorce unless you wish to. However, you do need to complete a new beneficiary form for your Pension Benefits after your divorce is finalized.

If you become widowed, please notify the Fund. The Fund will request a copy of your spouse’s death certificate. You will need to complete a new beneficiary form for your Pension Benefits. You may also need to update your beneficiary form for your Health and Welfare death benefits.

Downloadable beneficiary forms are available on this website   (click on Pension or Health and Welfare) or you can call the Pension or Health and Welfare Departments. There are separate beneficiary forms for Pension Benefits and for death benefits under the Health and Welfare Plan.

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